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Wedding Coordination or Wedding Planning: Which option is right for your special day?

When planning a special event there's so much to take on board. Some people relish in the responsibility but for others, it can be a complete minefield. Equally, sometimes you just need the headspace and to concentrate on the fun things such as cake tasting, wine tasting and menu tasting!

Having met with various families and couples since starting Fox & Star, we've been inundated with requests for help with the planning of a special day. But, there is a huge difference between wedding coordination and wedding planning, do you know the difference?

Wedding Coordination

We are wedding and event coordinators, we don't pretend to be planners (although we will be launching this service in 2022). Coordinating an event or wedding is all about logistics. We are contracted by you the couple to assist in the running of the event.

The Process

  1. We takeover as your suppliers contact up to a week before your day. You can send them all a nice email to say, "please don't speak to me any more, Laura & Lou are your girls from here on out."

  2. We'll drop them an email following this to check in and make sure they've got your up to date version of the running of events/schedule. At this handover point they can direct all logistical issues through to us or your venue.

  3. We will arrive at 9am on the day of your event and check in with the venue owner, all suppliers and check everyone has everything they need. At this point we may need to begin problem solving and we will always run things by you if anything is urgent.

  4. Once your guests start to arrive we will direct them to facilities, where to drop your cards and gifts, the ceremony area and the bar.

  5. We will ensure you have everything you need that your venue is providing for you.

  6. We will then be in the background ready to jump in and problem solve, help guests or yourselves and ensure you always have a drink in hand if requested, before checking out at 9pm.


It's really important to us, and to you that your suppliers are looked after. If your catering team or photographers are exhausted, ill-rested or dehydrated they won't be at their best. We will ensure they know of any changes to your day as it unfolds, (sometimes speeches will over-run and we're not like JLO with a headset ready to cut the groom off) and that they too are looking after themselves.

Weddings and events are gruelling on suppliers. We often walk away with blisters, headaches, aches and pains because we have gone above and beyond to make your day as incredible as you are.

Venue Coordinators

If your venue has a coordinator you may be thinking well I'm sorted! Not necessarily. You will want to check in with them to see what their actual role is on the day. They will be looking after their venue, protecting and setting up equipment throughout the day of course, but that will be their sole purpose. A wedding coordinator will look after you as a couple on the day as well as your suppliers.

Wedding Planners

Wedding planners are a different breed - and I mean that in the most complimentary way. Experience and contacts are what make many successful but also their ability to problem solve. Lou and I have run over 20 weddings as coordinators, each with incredibly challenging logistics and each wedding completely different. Does this make us planners? Not really.

Planners have an eye for design, styling and will set your schedule. You will need to secure your planner from the start of your planning adventure if you'd like them to guide your wedding vibe. They will likely present to you gorgeous moodboards, their recommended suppliers and will takeover as point of contact for suppliers from the start. That's why they're approximately 15%-20% of your overall wedding budget in cost.

They will manage your budget, your day and ensure you stick to your timings (if that's the discipline you want), and still provide that on the day coordination service as part of their package, or hook you up with one of their most trusted.

Should my Wedding Planner be accredited?

There is no official qualification that a wedding professional would need to do to become a wedding planner or coordinator, however there are courses and memberships that are highly valued within the industry. If this matters to you then do ask them more about it.

When booking a coordinator you should be asking questions like, "what was your most challenging wedding" or "what's the worse thing that's gone wrong on someone's wedding day and how did you handle it?" If they are new - hey we all have to start somewhere, don't be turned off by that. They will be shadowing and creating their own opportunities to get as much experience as possible for your special day.

Overall, to manage to logistics of an event or wedding, you will need to be focused, have great attention to detail, great at problem-solving and keep a cool head during situations. Sometimes things do get the better of us but every single person within the industry is incredibly supportive and we've probably met them before, or spoken with them. We all help each other out to ensure your day as absolutely perfect.

How much do you charge for On The Day Coordination?

We have two packages available for on the day coordination:

1. Wedding Coordination

Taking over one week before the date, touching base with suppliers, day before run-through and running the day - £900

2. Wedding Coordination Plus

Taking over three months before the date, creating a checklist with your venue, pre-wedding day logistics visit, day before run-through and running the day - £1,400.

If the venue is logistically challenging, it will require the two of us and a surplus of £600 will be added to your chosen package.

How do I book?

Drop Lou an email: hello@foxandstarevents.co.uk or fill out our contact form on our website to arrange a no-obligation consultation to discuss your day. You can also simply use our organisational skills by the hour. We're flexible and more than happy to help you by expertly guiding your dream event. This bespoke service applies to families and couples who have booked their ceremonies or special events with us.

We're here to give you one less thing to worry about.

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